Are you tired of being the processing plant for other’s emotions, feeling out of Control and going into Overwhelm?

Are you in need of some powerful and Basic tools that can energetically support you - going from being a ‘human Sponge’ to being in Charge of your energy?

What if you could finally understand how to regulate your sensory input so that you no longer need to shut yourself down or ‘Shield’ yourself from others?

Let’s face it, we are all aware that suffering isn’t an option anymore…Empath or no empath we are all fed up with that ‘doom and gloom’ reality and it’s time to gain a greater understanding so we can be Free.

But how does one go from that place of feeling overwhelmed, worn out, frustrated, “I’ve tried everything…nothing is working” attitude… as if your highly sensitive empathic skills are a burden to embracing your empathic skills as a gift?

It feels like it is just too big of a jump right? …Well that’s because it is. If you are looking for a quick fix, I’m not your gal and this isn’t your program. However, if you are looking for long lasting transformation and are willing to implement these tools bit by bit and learn some key life altering distinctions you have arrived at the right place.

It’s important for you to be open to hearing about your ’wounded empath’ personas, be willing to take responsibility for your boundaries and then I can promise…You will become The Empowered Empath in no time…Creating a truly Strong foundation from which to build healthy relationships and your dream life.

Now you may wonder how I can say that with such Faith, well that is because I’ve been through it All…

I’ve been extremely hurt and terribly wounded

I’ve been taken advantage of for my generosity and

I’ve had my precious, positive energy used up, and then been thrown to the wayside

…But Now, I’m determined to share my knowledge of energy insight with other Highly Empathic Intuitives like you, so you don’t have to struggle like I did, before I learned how to stop the suffering.

I’ve come a long way, learned a lot and I can support you with gaining clarity on what works and what is a waste of time….this is your crash course in Basic life skills for the one who feels Everything - that’s You! You can have just as much Faith in your abilities as a sensitive and stand strong in the Awareness that you are a gift. You are not here to Suffer!

In The Empowered Empath you will Discover:

  • A process to easily distinguishing if an energy belongs to you or to another and how to handle it like a master
  • How to STOP being assaulted, drained and sucked dry by other’s energies, so you can claim your vitality and life
  • Key secrets to keep from losing yourself and letting go of your needs in the presence of others, despite feeling their wants so strongly that they seem to outweigh your own

You may be reading this and not quite sure if you are an empath…hopefully that’s not because you’ve shut down your gifts when you were young from feeling too much. Many empaths go through so much pain (due to others in their environment not knowing how to control their emotions or set healthy boundaries) so they get the bright idea to just shut the mselves down, become numb or hide out, which doesn’t really work. That survival tactic only suppresses their sense of self and emotions and they wind up ill or depressed when instead, they could be self-confident, radiant, insightful and valued for their gifts.

What's included in the Package

The Empowered Empath: Basic Life Skills for the One who feels…Everything

(E-course, Empowerment Session audios, Online/Downloadable PDF’s, Video Package)

  • The Empowered Empath, E-Course
  • The Empowered Empath, 3 - Part Instructional Video Series
  • The Empowered Empath, 3 - Part Empowerment Audio Series
  • The Empowered Empath, 3 - Empowerment PDF’s

I really want everyone to be able to receive all the information that this program offers. That's why I've made this a "Pay What You Want" program. Whatever you feel is an equal energy exchange for this program, that's the amount I want you to pay. Just connect in with your Higher Self, and the right amount will be revealed to you.

Choose how much you want to pay. Pay What You Want! Pay whatever you feel is fair.

Total Value: $188 but you get to

'Pay What you Want'

This is an important set of tools because instead of being taken out by others and exhausting yourself, you can, with practice…

Get to a place of ‘recognizing’ other people’s feelings in a healthy way, to gain knowledge about the situation and what is really going on with your relationship dynamic…which leads you to making healthy choices without feeling guilty about them.

You can discover how to remain sensitive and keenly aware, without drowning in other people’s moods and without having their moods dictate your mood.

You can claim your Truth and hold true to your uniquely positive perspective on life…without being influenced by other people’s stressful issues…so that you don’t succumb to the stress, take it home with you, and obsess about their problems.

You can hear other people out and even be ‘with’ them…But without getting drained by the interaction.

Experience New Paradigms:

  • Insights to truly embrace your sensitivities instead of seeing them as some kind of Curse!
  • How to overcome the debilitating habit that drains your energy reserves when you say ‘Yes’ but you really mean 'No'.
  • Ways to release the ‘Shame’ around being labeled ’too sensitive’ and instead claim your sensitive nature as your Truth Strengths

“One of the best and easiest things that helped me was learning how to quickly clear everyone else's energy out of my space. It is so awesome to be able to keep my energetic space clean and clear. Thank you to my mentor Christel for teaching me that. Christel, every Empath needs your ESS & EMS & EMM series!” ~ New Zealand

The value of this package is $188, but you get to Pay What You Want! Pay whatever you feel is a fair energy exchange.

The Empowered Empath: Basic Life Skills for the One who feels…Everything (E-course, Online/Downloadable PDF’s, Audio & Video Package)

Total Value: $188 but you get to

'Pay What you Want'

The Empowered Empath Group Empowerment Sessions

Learn the most effective processes that I’ve distilled down - these easy to implement processes are the ones that keep my energy stable, clean and healthy…And I work as a high level multi-sensory intuitive with literally hundreds of people on a weekly basis! …Sometimes I am on live calls channeling for up to 8 hours in one day.

In our group sessions we:

- Begin by getting you into a Powerful energetic state that has supported those in my community for years, to be Divinely connected…this is so you can pull from the unwavering strength of the Universe.

- I share with you the important points and distinctions on this valuable topic and we go through each of the techniques as a live directed process in Your Basic Life Skills Tool Kit and I’ll explain in detail why and how they work.

- It's important to not just read or watch the information discussed in The Empowered Empath, but to actually anchor the techniques in your Body, Mind and Reality, so we do this together in a loving community where you are safely supported.

The Empowered Empath 3- part Audio Series

Accessible Online/Downloadable MP3’s…These group Empowerment sessions are recorded so you can go over the valuable life changing information again and again. These sessions are so valuable because of the Intuitive reading part of the calls. I conducted live coaching on the phone, answering questions from the webinar, tuning into and shared the wisdom and directives of people’s Higher Selves. We all gain from the guidance of one as we seem to relate to some part of each person’s question. You will be amazed at the AHA’s that come through for you just from being a part of the collective consciousness.

The Empowered Empath 3- part Instructional Video Series

Accessible Online/Downloadable…these videos are comprised of personal guidance in Mastering your empathic nature, managing daily sensory input and claiming your Authentic Self. These videos will have you feeling totally supported as I’m right there with you talking you through the processes that you learned on our group session calls. You can watch them as much as you want to practice and become a skillful empowered empath.

The Empowered Empath Empowerment PDF’s

Accessible Online/Downloadable PDF”s…For each of the group Empowerment sessions, you will get a corresponding colorful Empowerment PDF with the processes(s) written out for you in an easy to read format. Again these are simple and easy to follow… now you just need to practice them :-) These Empowerment PDF’s are yours to keep in your library so you can reference the processes anytime you need them. Ultimately these will support you with staying on your path of reclaiming your energetic space, opening to your Authentic self and feeling empowered being You.

I’m here to support you in understanding your sensitivity and keeping the boundaries healthy and clean so you become more Aware and in charge of your energy. It’s time to stop the painful sponging habits and to reclaim your empathic nature as a True gift.

Enjoy the calls!

With love, Christel